Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Table Scraps

  • Totally not worth it's own entry, but I went to Bob Evans today for lunch with my Mom. As usual, the food was good and the service was shit. I wish I could make such a perfect Farmer's Market omelette at home and I'd never fool with their spazzy staff! 3 out of 5 sporks.
  • I did, however, brighten my experience by finally purchasing this adorable Dreamy-Eyed pig that I've been fawning over every time I take my mom to lunch there. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Hamilton Hocks, at your service.
  • Set an appointment for a tasting at Christopher's, as they'll be catering my wedding. It's my favorite restaurant in Dayton, Mr. FvF and I had our first date there, and they're terribly reasonable. I see no reason to look elsewhere.
  • Speaking of wedding crap, the amount of money people want for cake-pops (cake balls on a stick) is ABSURD. Almost $300 for 100 bite-sized pieces? So, we're talking maybe $10 for materials - $15 tops, and the rest is labor? I'm not paying someone baking out of their home nearly $100 per hour. Luckily, my very talented friend Lauren is totally hooking me up. I got the idea after having her last day at the big Labor Day shindig, because these little things were magically delicious. That girl just loves those balls!
  • Trying some new recipes this week, a lot of them Crock Pot meals. White chicken chili, peanut pork and orange chicken. The chili is Skillz (my sister) tested and GK (her bf) approved, but the other ones are a crap shoot.
  • Going to Kroger at night is a God-send. Last night we made out big bi-weekly trip after our visit to Fricker's - maybe around 9pm, and there was hardly a soul in there. It gave me the time and patience to peruse and find some great stuff, like Kroger brand CarbSmart Yogurt. I'm always on the hunt for a tasty breakfast with a lower-end glycemic index, and this totally fits the bill. It was surprisingly tasty in strawberry banana, and I got one of each flavor to try.
  • I also picked up some raw oat bran. Any ideas on how to doctor this stuff up for breakfast?


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