Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Monkey Tail Bread

I had some bananas blackening on my hutch, and I hate to waste food. I was already headed to Dot's to pay my weekly visit to the butcher, so I started looking up recipes for utilizing the sad, wilting fruits before they went full-on rotten.
After looking at recipes for banana fritters, pudding, pie, muffins, bread puddings and cookies - I decided to go with my original plan of using them in banana bread.
I've probably toyed with about five different banana bread recipes, but have never been completely satisfied with the moisture level or texture.
The Delicious Life claimed to have "The last chocolate chip banana bread recipe you'll ever need." Is that a challenge? I accept!

Of course, I was so eager to dive into the bread that I forgot to take a photo.
the only thing I did differently was cut down the amount of chips because I only had 1/2 C left, and I also forgot milk at the store (are you seeing a pattern here?) so I subbed half and half for the buttermilk.
Once I tore into that first warm bite right out of the oven, I realized the recipe title was more accurate than I thought possible. Nom-o-rama.


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