Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fricker's in Dayton, Ohio

Fricker's is one of the places having a killer two-fer deal during Restaurant Week. They were offering chips & salsa to share, two rib & chicken chunk dinners - each with slaw, a roll and one side, and funnel cake fries to share. The rib & chunk dinners were only supposed to have *half* an order of chicken chunks, but this weighed in much closer to a full order. I pawned some of my garlic chicken off on the fella, as well as my roll, and still left half my slaw and one rib on the plate. This was a LOT of food for $10 per person.

The chicken was great, as always - and the ribs surprised me. I wasn't expecting much, since I've been spoiled on Old Hickory and great Southern BBQ ribs, but the sauce was just the right mix of sweet & spicy and they were very tender. The middle of the rack had some great bark on it, too, which is my favorite part about barbecue. Bark shark!

When our server (who was awesome, very friendly, and not at all frazzled by knowing jack-shit about the RW week special) returned asking if we wanted our funnel cake fries, we opted to have them fried up & put in a box to take home for a late night snack. Unfortunately, we both forgot them and left the box of goodness on the table - which I of course blamed on Mr. FvF and almost called off the wedding over. What?! Come on, it's funnel cake!

5 out of 5 sporks!

*This is the longest run I've ever had, giving 4.5 or higher to the last five consecutive restaurants. If you're waiting for me to give someone a scathing review, just give it time.

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