Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tanks Bar & Grill

I stopped in to Tank's tonight with some friends for a bite and a beer. Ever since I used to live across the street, I've always loved the place. It's an old-school, standing-room-only kind of place. There's no hostess, you seat yourself, and there's nowhere to wait if a table isn't open. In my opinion, one of the best burgers you can get in Dayton for the price. According to, Miamisburg's Hamburger Wagon is the best, but eff that noise. Growing up in the 'Burg, the Wagon hold a special place in my heart - but we're not talking about the same level of burger at all. Burger Wagon burgers are basically burnt sliders, for those of you who haven't been. I'm not saying they're bad, just saying they're an acquired taste - and would never earn my vote for best burger, in the same way that White Castle wouldn't.

Anyhow, Tank's is just tops when it comes to a good burger. They've got some great sandwiches, soups and hot shots on their menu, too, but it's incredibly difficult not to order what I consider their specialty. I always want both the boneless wings and the burger, which works well is I can order both and split them with someone. Luckily, Mr. FvF gets home from work just about the time I planned to leave Tank's, so I ordered both, ate half and boxed the rest up. It was delicious, as always - a perfectly cooked cheeseburger needing little to no condiments except for their awesome garlicky pickles on the side. The Chunkendales (the boneless wings) were tender and not overly sauced (except they did forget my celery and bleu cheese). Between these two dishes and a Miller Lite, it only set me back $15.

Tank's almost *always* garners a 5 out of 5 sporks for me, but they lost a little here on the service. They were pretty busy, but not the busiest I'd seen them and they had 3 servers working the room. She was pretty friendly, but not very attentive, and towards the end it was hard to get her attention for drink or a check. I was done eating at 6:45, had my food boxed up by 7, but sat there waiting for a check until almost 7:45. I would have gladly flagged her down, but she was nowhere to be found or wouldn't make eye contact with me. Minus half a point for the inconvenience of a very hungry fella waiting at home.

4.5 out of 5 sporks

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Mr. Disindebted said...

Nice update Vizz! I'm with you about the 'burg's little burger cart. Hamburger Wagon's fried burgers are certainly tasty, but not a winner in the hamburger category. Tanks really does have one of, if not the best burger in the Gem City.

Valerie Strickland said...

I've never eaten Tank's burgers! I always either get the chuckendales (mad props for using Anchor Bar's sauce!) or the french dip which is just so damn good. I'll give the burger a whirl next time!

Anonymous said...

they have the BEST omelettes!

Vizz said...

I have yet to try their breakfast, but I'm dying to!

Anonymous said...

Tanks chili is the best in Ohio I really like the staff as they are friendly and helpful. I spilled my beer today and had three bar rags thrown to me before the beer ever got on me or my date. Super cool place! Best chili ever...

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