Tuesday, June 28, 2011

McDonald's brings back the Asian Salad - Facebook Contest!!!

Some of you might remember last year (maybe the year before), McDonald's added the Asian salad to their menu.  When I was on the hardcore dieting wagon, I was eating these things like someone was going to take them away.  360 calories including the chicken and dressing!  Then BOOM - they did take them away.  I had no idea they were seasonal.  Lucky for me, they're back.  Lucky for YOU, McD's sent me some freebie coupons to let me eaters try them out.

Here's how I'm going to do this:
The next five people to send me one or more new fans on Facebook get the coupons. Easiest way to accomplish this is by clicking "Share" on the bottom left menu when you go to the FvF Facebook page.  Make sure you tell your pals to post on the FvF wall that you sent'em (or you won't win, dummy)!

You may be wondering how to participate if you're not a fan of FvF on Facebook.  In that event, I might be wondering what the hell your problem is.  Not on Facebook at all?  You probably have an abacus or water wheel to tend to, so don't even worry about these delicious salads.  There's no better venue for the giveaway than ol' Facebook, considering this page is what likely prompted them to bring it back in the first place.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dragon King's Daughter - Louisville, KY

I figured it's high time I post this review since we ate there almost three damn months ago, and are headed back to the L-ville area soon for Derby City Con.  After some digging on UrbanSpoon, I couldn't wait to try this place.  After GPS-ing it and realizing it was so far off the beaten path, we almost opted for fast food instead because we wanted to get home so badly.  But, we persevered, got turned around a time or two, but eventually found it. It's in a little area that reminds me a lot of what the UD strip used to be like before it got all fancy-fied.  Just this side of seedy, but fine on a bright sunny Sunday afternoon.  Walking towards the place, we noticed all the windows open and Beck creeping out of the speakers as we got closer. We were quickly greeted and served by who I assume was the only server, and he took our drink orders and answered questions about the menu.  After I looked over the photos I took, I realized one side of the restaurant...

                         ...looked completely different than the other side, where we were sitting.
The decor didn't necessarily match the culinary vibe, but it also didn't seem freakishly out of place, as this place is probably brimming with hipsters on any other given day.

For starters, we got the Chorizo Yaki Onigiri  - a pan-fried rice ball laced with Mexican chorizo sausage & cilantro and drizzled with wasabi mayo.  The rice was a tad dry, but the wasabi drizzle helped in that area.  
  I ordered the Korean BBQ beef (aka bulgogi) tacos.  All tacos come in soft corn shells (though you can sub a bed of rice) with three toppings and one sauce. They all pretty much have a sauce assigned to them, but you can switch it out if something else looks better to you.  I chose spring mix, cilantro, avocado and wasabi mayo. The marinade on the ribeye was wonderfully sweet and the meat was super tender.  The avocados were actually ripe, which is a stretch for a lot of restaurants, and the spring mix that our server suggested added a nice crunchy element.  
The Mister opted for the Tilapia Tempura Tacos with avocado and mango salsa.  When asked how he felt about his meal, he replied with a muffled "This is fucking awesome!"  Good enough for me.

The priciest thing on their menu is around $14 - and our bill came out to around $20 before tax and tip, so the price is right on.  The menu is so expansive and interesting, it was brutal deciding what to order.  I'm very anxious to go back and try some of their "cooked sushi,"  with ingredients like chicken katsu and asparagus tempura.  Scoff if you will at the idea of cooked sushi, but being a food blogger doesn't mean I like everything, or am even interested in trying everything.  I'm not as refined as the judges on Iron Chef - and that's okay by me, because it means I'll never have to eat trout ice cream.  So, putting something other than uncooked fish and tasteless veggies into sushi widens my opportunities.  I'm really hoping we'll make it back there when we're in town for the con next month, so I suppose you'll have to wait and see what this cooked sushi is all about.  Unless of course, you make it there before me - which I highly recommend.  Great food, friendly service and a unique atmosphere.  I'd eat at DKD on the regular if I were a Louisville resident.  

5 out of 5 sporks!  

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This is just a test: Tim Horton's New Panini Sandwiches

In case you guys didn't know, Dayton is one of the most revered test markets in the US.  We have such a smattering of cultures and tax brackets that we get to try almost every damn thing that food companies want guinea pigs for.   The shitty part about that is, if it doesn't do well enough, it doesn't launch and we never see it again.

I remember the torrid affair I had with Taco Bell's Border Fries in the summer of 2004 (Or was it 2003?).  Every night that I stumbled out of Walnut Hills, I simply did a u-turn out of their lot and stopped for Border Fries.  My day job was very manual and outdoors, so I didn't have to worry about the calories - just the awesome.  One night toward the end of the summer, I rolled up to the drive-thru only to find that they'd been replaced with some other unappealing, short-lived side item.  If you're sensing some resentment, it's probably because I'm still seething over it like a scorned lover.  You never even said goodbye, Border Fries!  We could have had something special!!  Basically, imagine you were banging Sofia Vergara for an entire summer, then she just gives you the vapors but leaves you Fergie's number - that's how I feel about it.

But, I digress.  What I was trying to get around to are Tim Horton's new Panini sandwiches.  Not only are they being test marketed right here in the Gem City, they're ONLY being tested marketed here in Dayton.

I think these launched sometime in April, or maybe early May.  Either way, it's a safe bet that it was cold and rainy here, which combined with my aversion to most meat, led me here to purchase a grilled ham & cheese.  I'm pretty sure all the paninis ring it just over $4, and you can choose from Tuscan Chicken, Pesto Chicken, Chipotle Turkey, Smoked Ham & Cheese and Tomato & Cheese.  The first one I ordered was the Pesto Chicken, which was really tasty, but also WAY messy.  Not a sandwich that should be eaten in the car, even if the car is not moving.  Nice pieces of white meat chicken, and I didn't sense much of the rib-meat filler that most placed use in chopped chicken.  The pesto and cheese blended together in a warm, ooey-gooeyness that made it a perfect rainy day lunch.  

When I ordered a week or so later, what I asked for was the smoked ham & cheese with tomato, but they chose to ignore that last part.  Regardless, it was still a damn tasty sandwich - except for the mayo that was apparently applied with a spackle knife.  You can order your 'wich on white or whole grain, and the whole grain is really, really good bread for fast food caliber.  It crisps up nicely and it sturdy enough not to give under heavy, melty contents.  I have yet to finish one of these paninis, even with the ravenous hunger I've been prone to lately.  Considering most sub-par fast food sandwiches will run you at least $4, T-Ho's new paninis are a hell of a value.  They lose half a point for not following my order and overdoing the mayo. I would take off another point for switching from Coke to Pepsi products, but that has zero to do with the sandwich.  

4.5 out of 5 sporks!