Thursday, January 7, 2010

South Park Pizza Tavern

I met a few friends here last night to grab a post-work drink. I'm not the world's biggest beer lover, so a pub that specializes in beer-lover's beers isn't exactly right up my alley. But here's the rub - they serve Pizza Factory pie. I hadn't had a slice from there in ages, since I worked at a bar downtown and we'd order in. I was supposed to be waiting to have dinner with Mr. Food vs. Face, but I couldn't resist grabbing a slice of my sister's Hawaiian style pizza. Pizza Factory has a crust to die for. I'm not sure what kind of ovens they use, but it's a perfectly blistered near-Neopolitan.
I really, really wish I had planned ahead and brought my camera to take a photo of this little lovely. Ham, bacon, pineapple and just enough cheese on a perfect crust.

I also ordered up a Samuel Smith's Organic Raspberry Ale, which was aces. It came in a gigantic bottle that allotted almost 3 pilsners worth of beer, and rang in at just under $5. It's not nearly as sweet and candy-like as Lindeman's Framboise Lambic (which is basically not at all beer, but I love it all the same), yet much sweeter than the Raspberry Ale they used to serve at Thirsty Dog. When it hits your nose, it almost smells of sour raspberries, but don't let that deter you. It's light to medium in body and pours a dark maroon color with a very sweet, mild malt. If you dig fruity brews, give this one a whirl. For those of you that like non-sissy beer, South Park Tavern normally keeps 18 specialty crafted microbrews on tap and over 100 other beer and wine options to choose from.

Making the experience all the more pleasant, our waitress was top notch. Often when I go to a joint meant for beer snobs, my indecisiveness is met with a scowl. However, our server at SPT didn't tap her foot or looks at her watch while I lamented over the menu, and even made a few recommendations.

4.5 out of 5 sporks!


Amber said...

Think I'm going to have to add South Park to my list of places to try. I drink beer, but I'm picky. My Dear Husband (DH) is becoming a bit of a beer expert so I'm sure he'd LOVE to go. When it comes to pizza, we're big fans of Dewey's. They have so many unusual and perfect ingredient combos, they use real, fresh goat cheese and mozzerella... The Edgar Allan Poe pizza and wild mushroom (the name of which I can't recall) pizza are our favorites right now.

Vizz said...

Amber - SPT/Pizza Factory have some great topping combos as well. I definitely recommend trying it! Also, I think it's Monday (you could check their website), but PF has BOGO pizzas that day. It's a great deal!

I *love* Dewey's. I got all excited about taking Mr. FVF there, since he loooooves pizza, but he actually didn't care much for it. He's more of a classic pepperoni kind of guy, and Dewey's is a bit "fancy" as far as pie goes.

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