Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Table Scraps

Another installment of everything that's not exactly fit to print.

- I went Krogering last night and it was more bonkers than usual. They were out of chicken broth. Isn't that like ACE Hardware being out of nails? I understand that people have been stocking up on food in the fear that 3" of snow equals the apocolypse, but come on.

- Speaking of Kroger, they had their frozen pizzas on sale for $2.99 last night, so I picked up two of them. The self-rising crust deluxe was basically like a loaf of bread with some stuff on it. Way too much crust for this ol' gal. Hopefully the crispy thin crust chicken Caesar will be better.

- I made my weekly trip to the butcher at Dot's Market today and have never been happier to part with $40.

- I also picked up some Jell-o (sugar free) Mousse Delights in Chocolate Decadence, which I LOVE. Kroger doesn't seem to be carrying them anymore, but Dot's has them on sale this week. When you dieters tire of the s/f pudding (and you will, trust me), give these a go. Then be sure to check your map, because you're smack in the middle of Tasty Town.

- Tonight we're having anniversary chicken! Not because it's our anniversary, but because the recipe looks nom-o-rama and it's way low in carbs and high in protein. Photos to come! Also on the menu for this week:

Chick-fil-a Impostor nuggets

Rosemary Chicken with Artichoke Hearts

Spicy Peanut Beef

Crunchy ranch chicken breaded w/pork rinds

Whole Wheat Linguine with Italian sausage

Mini ham & cheese frittatas



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