Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Chick-fil-A impostor?!

I was pretty pumped when I found a recipe claiming that although Chick-fil-A doesn't give out their secret, this tasted like the real thing. If that were true, I could stop planning my sales calls around the mall area just so I could have Chick-fil-A once a week. Obsessive right? Don't laugh. I have a very serious problem when it comes to their chicken. Plus, it's one of the most healthy fast food options out there, so I never feel guilty eating it.

The recipe seemed pretty standard for fried chicken, except for the powdered sugar, so I figured maybe that was the piece de resistance. It also calls for peanut oil for frying, which I couldn't seem to find in two different grocery stores, so I just used canola.

End result: this recipe churned out some great fried chicken, but it tasted nothing like my beloved Chick-fil-A. I'm sure the peanut oil would have made a difference in taste, but the breading was not spot on.


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