Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lasagna Soup

I don't have very much time to create OR post my own recipes lately, but for the love of all that delicious, make this soup.  Why don't more recipes contain a component called "cheesy yum?"
 I used cavatappi pasta and cooked it separately because I hate mushy pasta and wanted the opportunity to freeze leftovers (which there are never any of).  Although it gives me radiating heartburn, it's worth it.  I actually daydream about this soup, and crave it at least once every week or so. Honest to goodness, one of the best things I've ever eaten.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Snack Time - New Mikesell's Flavors and Giveaways!

Dayton's own Mikesell's just added two new flavors to their Kettle Cooked line, Sour Cream & Onionand Bold Jamaican Jerk. Now, the sour cream and onion are delicious, but not earth shattering.  The Jerk, however, are indeed, BOLD.  Spicy as shit, really.  Mr. FvF would basically eat pure fire, and usually mocks me when I say a food item is hot or spicy, but even he could admit these had a decent kick.  Until February, the Kettle Cooked line was limited to original, reduced fat, Groovy and Barbecue.  If I remember correctly, they had discontinued their Sour Cream & Onion flavor a few years ago, so I'm sure its second coming as a Kettle chip will be welcomed with open arms. 

I'm not a huge potato chip fan, anyway, so I moved right onto the Cinnamon Toast Puffcorns.  Guess what, eaters?  You can't even get these yet.  Well, maybe you can because technically they came out on Friday.  But good luck finding them!  Come on, just let me feel special that I got something before the rest of the free market.  The important part here is that they're incredible.  Like, hide them from your toddler or eat them off of a floor that hasn't been freshly cleaned if you drop a few clean.  The cinnamon is the dominant flavor, but they still have the butteriness of the original Puffcorns, which gives the sugar and spice a really nice balance.

Want some free snacks?  Better yet, want some free snacks (I'm talking a lot of free snacks) and tickets to the Cincinnati Zoo?  Tell me about your favorite Mikesell's snack - chips, pretzels, puffcorns, curls, whatever.  I'll choose the winner at random on Friday March 8, so entries will be accepted until that day at 12noon Eastern time.  The prize will ship directly to the winner from the company, so Mikesell's lovers in any market are encouraged to apply.