Sunday, January 24, 2010

Table Scraps

  • Last night we had Mexican night with all of our favorite folks. We filled up on Gin's fabulous chicken enchiladas, carnitas, tacos, spicy rice, homemade salsa, hot sauce & guacamole, 7-layer taco dip and margaritas. El yummo!
(And in case you're wondering, yes - that's the Sunmaid Raisins girl giving the finger)

  • I missed the big Jungle Jim's trip yesterday because I had carnitas to make, but my sister was awesome enough to pick me up a pack of Walker's Smokey Bacon Crisps. They're pretty much the best thing that's ever happened to me, besides Mr. FvF. Since I love bacon so hard, it's always surprising that most of the bacon flavored products on the market make me want to wretch. Leave it to the Brits to get it right!

  • My mom sent me home with a big stack of Southern Living magazines, so I'm sure I'll have some full-fat, artery-clogging recipes to share over the next week if I don't stroke out. Did someone burn toast?


Skillz said...

I still feel like I'm gonna essssplode. In a good way.

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