Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cocktail Hour!

Anyone who knows me knows that I like a good cocktail (no snickering!), so it seems only fitting that I will devote a little time now and again to tell you what tasty beverage I'm relaxing with.

As I've mentioned before, I try to steer clear of sugar. But, the usual diet and sugar-free mixers can grow tired after a while. I've found that sprite zero is a great mixer in damn near anything - even for substituting for the simple syrup in a mojito recipe. Traditional? No. Yummy and guilt free? Absolutely. Another great vodka (or even white rum) mixer is Stewart's Diet Orange Cream Soda. Just like a Creamsicle!

When I'm all aboard the sugar train, this is also a delicious bevvy to try

Pomegranate Pear Martini
2 parts vodka of your choosing
1 part Nantucket Nectars Pomegranate Pear Juice
dash of sweet vermouth

This will make one light, but not-too-sweet flavored martini.

For a winter favorite, which I like to call "Hot Pants," try the following:

1 shot/1 oz vodka
1 heaping tablespoon of hot cocoa mix*
8 oz hot milk (or soy milk, or water, if you prefer

Mix the booze and cocoa together, then add your hot milk to the mug. If you're feeling fancy, stick your pinky up and add a candy cane for garnish.
*Aztec Spiced hot cocoa is the best, but if you're using another or making your own, toss in a dash of cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

A friend also brought us a very nice bottle of champagne last night, and I'm sticking it waaaaay back in the fridge until a special occasion arises to celebrate it with. In the meantime, we also have the other bottle of inexpensive champagne, two bottles of wine, a jug of Tito's Handmade Vodka and Maker's Mark that he brought over. I bet you wish he was your friend now, don't you?


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