Friday, January 29, 2010

Thai 9

I've had takeout from Thai 9 in Downtown Dayton about 5 times, but somehow have never actually sat down to a meal there. I met a friend there for lunch since I had appointments downtown, and I'd been craving their peanut sauce for a while. Considering it's not even a dish, it's an odd thing to crave - but I've tried in vain to make or purchase a similar peanut sauce. No dice. I knew I should have only ordered the chicken satay, but my eyes and belly wandered and I figured I should have spring rolls, too.

Then I remembered that the chicken satay is a decent sized order, for an appetizer, and their spring rolls are on the mammoth side.
It was just what I remembered an expected. I know I raved about the peanut sauce, but the cucumber sauce is tops, too. Once you soak up all of the sauce with your chicken, you can eat the remaining sweet, chilled cucumbers like a salad.

The service was very friendly and fast, especially considering what a crowd they pack during the lunch hours. Our adorable server was nice enough to box up what was left after I realized my eyes were bigger than my appetite, but as usual - I left it on the table.

I know you're probably all wondering why I'm not writing about the great sushi I had there. Well, it's because I'm a big sissy-mary and I don't care for sushi. Deal with it.

5 out of 5 sporks!

*I almost deducted half a point for the gentleman who stared holes through me when I walked to the hostess stand looking for my lunch buddy - but I can't guarantee that he worked there. He had a management vibe about him, but he may have just been some strange, hateful-looking guy standing around.

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skillz said...

Great, now I'm jonesin' for Thai 9. Thanks, jerk.

Insurance Telemarketing said...

Sounds like a good place for food!

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