Thursday, March 18, 2010

POMbardment, part I

As I mentioned earlier this week, the folks at POM are as sweet as Georgia peaches, and sent me a case of their 100% pomegranate juice to monkey around with and try some new recipes. Food recipes involving POM juice are a little out of my league, but I can mix a cocktail with the best of them. Ladies and gentleman, I give you the Red-headed Step Child.

1.5 oz tequila
2 oz POM 100% pomegranate juice
1 tbsp freshly muddled lime juice
2 oz sprite (or sprite zero)
Garnish: muddled lime wedges

Holy ass, this was delicious! Tequila usually isn't that weapon of choice, ever since I spit on that cab driver and told him to "enjoy his stupid face," but this beverage is legit.


Amber said...

Wow, it's gorgeous! Sounds super tasty too. Plus, I can have straight POM juice - can't have anything with red dye (migraine trigger), but this... yum. Going to try it next time I get tequila. Great name for a cocktail too!

buzzstein said...

Awesome name for a drink!

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