Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Table Scraps 3/2/10

  • In case you didn't know, Barnsider (one of my favorite older Dayton restaurants) has some killer specials. They just introduced "Couple's Retreat Tuesdays," where you can pick two of their under $15 entrees for only $16.95. The only rub is, they don't have tons of entrees under $15 (no red meat options unless you go with beef tips), but ti's still a steal. Don't forget about VIP Mondays where you can get hooked up with their Prime Rib dinner for only $9.95.
  • Christopher's Restaurant continues their Theme Thursdays this month with this hot action:
March 4th: Mid-Atlantic / Colonial Williamsburg
March 11: The Deep South (South Carolina)
March 18th: Midwestern America
March 25th: New England
  • I'm definitely going to try to make it to the one on the 11th, hoping for some low-country ass-kickery.
  • Two new burger joints opened in Dayton this week: EO Burgers at The Greene (featuring Kobe beef!) and a new location of Smashburger on Brown Street near UD.
  • Fazoli's is launching their "new restaurant concept" in Dayton, which involves the same low-grade food, but now with real glasses, plates and flatware. You'll still place your order at the counter, but now a server will bring your food out to your table. When asked for a comment, fatties everywhere said "What about the free breadsticks? Do we still get those?"
  • Mr. FvF and I are headed to Yellow Springs on Thursday, a town where I've shamefully only been three times in my, uh....twenty-something years as a Daytonian. He's got very important artist things to do at Superfly Comics, but I'm more interested in where we'll be having dinner. Maybe Ha Ha's Pizza? I'd love to check out The Winds Cafe, but I'm not a damn Rockerfeller.


Amber said...

Is Barnsider the place on Main St, near Penn Station and Needmore? Hubby and I only ate there once about a year ago and had a terrible, terrible experience. But my understanding is that they used to be the hottest restaurant in Dayton. It makes me kind of sad that they have gone so downhill. If you do end up going to The Winds at some point, I'd love to read a review. I've always wanted to eat there. But, yeah - not a damn Rockefeller sums it up. :)

Vizz said...

Hmmm, Barnsider is sort of near Needmore, I suppose. Needmore has actually turned into Shoup Mill by the time it reached Main. Not sure if it's by a PS, but you're probably right.
Was it your food or service that was an issue? Or both? The last time I wrote a review of Barnsider (before I started this site), the service was a bit off, but the food was tops.

We're headed to YS today and I think we might take my friend Tim's recommendation and try Current Cuisine instead of Ha Ha.

Thanks for reading and posting your thoughts, Amber - keep checking in!

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