Thursday, March 18, 2010

Banana Bread: The Redux

As usual, I bought bananas at the grocery last week thinking they'd make a delicious snack, but only managed to eat one before they turned black - mostly because of their magical hangover-curing powers.
Mr. FvF loves it when I do this, because it means he gets banana bread. I followed the same recipe as the Monkey Tail Bread that I posted back in January, but omitting the chocolate chips. Aside from the complete failure that I call my oven (which likes to turn off in the middle of a baking cycle, rendering the cooking time double what's called for), it turned out slap-your-mama good.

It was also a belated birthday treat for my friend Billiam, who recommended slathering the leftovers in butter and pan-frying it. That Billiam - always full of stroke-inducing great ideas!


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