Thursday, March 4, 2010

Williams Eatery & Gathering Place - Yellow Springs, Ohio

Mr. FvF and I traveled up to Yellow Springs today to meet the guys at Super-Fly Comics and poke around the little town. We'd thought about having dinner at about every place in town - Trail Tavern, Ha Ha Pizza, Current Cuisine, etc - basically everything except for Williams. They have their menu posted outside so you can peruse as you're walking, and after popping in and out of every store, we ended up back there for dinner. The place was empty, as we were there well before dinner time, and it was spotless. It looks like they also have a party room in the back that you can rent out for events. They have plenty of American fare, but also specialize in Peruvian cuisine. Hard as it was not to sample some of those goodies, we realized we were there on Barbecue Day! The raging carnivore inside me wonders why everyday isn't Barbecue Day.

They have three BBQ specials on Thursdays:
1/2 slab of ribs, fries & slaw for $9.99
1/2 BBQ chicken + same sides for $9.99
Pulled pork sandwich with fries and a pickle for $5.99

I chose the BBQ chicken special and the mister had the pork sandwich. I was starving, but had forgotten to order an appetizer. Luckily, they brought some fresh bread and herbed oil out for us to munch on. Since we both ordered specials, our food came out quickly.

My half chicken was no joke - the thing was huge and cooked very well. Pretty sure they used a bottled sauce, but it wasn't low-quality like the rancid ketchup that Kraft calls Open Pit. I'm guessing maybe something like Sweet Baby Ray's, which is what I normally use at home. The slaw was house-made an absolutely tops. Not overdressed, and big, crunchy veggies. I think the fries may have been of the frozen variety, but I thought they were delicious. Then again, I don't eat french fries often at all, so I needed another opinion. Mr. FvF gave them a 4 out of 5 on the FryClub scale, saying they would be surpassed only by battered or waffle fries. If they were frozen, I need to find out the brand for bribery purposes (looks like I may also want to invest in a waffler and learn to batter french fries).

His pulled pork sandwich was pretty impressive, too. I bogarted one of the giant morsels of pork and it was juicy, very well (but not overly) seasoned and tender. He claims as far as pulled pork sandwiches go, it was aces - but one superior sandwich exists at Tony Roma's. I have a feeling the trump may lie in the dry-rub TR's uses, which I wasn't picking up in the Williams pork.

Our server, whose name I wish I remembered, earned herself a big-ass tip for being incredibly accommodating and sweet. They also scored a little bonus 1/2 point for having not just Coke products, but Diet Coke *and* Coke Zero on the menu. They're desserts looked delicious (especially the Peruvian ones), but after picking apart that chicken, I was in a full-on food trance and couldn't eat another bite. Plus, we'd stopped at Sugar Cubes and picked up some oddball candies to nom once we got home.

5 out of 5 sporks!

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le skillz said...

I big puffy heart restaurants that have coke zero.

Doug said...

I've wanted to stop in there but never could pass up a pesto calzone from Ha Has'. I'll have to check it out.

Anonymous said...

The BBQ is pretty good, but you *really* need to stop back in and sample the Peruvian food. OMG, it is heaven on a plate! For beverages, I also highly recommend the Chicha Mirada.

Anonymous said...

I work here and the anonymous person is right. go for the chicha

Daria Schaffnit said...

Every time I've stopped in at Williams Eatery, the service has been spot-on. They really know how to do it. I strongly urge you to head back and try the Peruvian food. Delicious! I miss Carol's Kitchen, which used to be located where Williams is, but I'd happily eat at Williams any night.

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