Sunday, March 28, 2010

Buena Vista Chops w/Citrus Sauce

***A special note from Food vs. Face, just for you. Yeah, you - the one with the "no fat chicks" shirt and sexy mustache. FvF has teamed up with the mysterious, testosterone-laden fellas at Man-B-Que to showcase a meat-centric recipe every week or so. So, when you click that link and leave the magical land of Food vs. Face, I won't take it personally and start demanding that you talk about your feelings. It's okay, kitten. You go - go sew your wild oats. ***

When springtime rolls around, young mens' thoughts turn to those of fancy (read: boners), but mine turn to food. As much as I would love to be grilling, my precious has a defective valve and I have to improvise. A food fare that incorporates much of my favorite animal (the pig), as well as bold (but not spicy) flavors and doesn't necessarily require a grill hails from the home of Castro, cigars as long as your arm, dominoes and the guyabera.

I've been known to keep a brick in the kitchen for making Cuban sandwiches and thumping hobos, so while the press-sandwich is easy and tempting, I wanted to experiment. Or, how do they say in Cuba, "prostituta?" Click here to visit Man-B-Que and see the recipe, photos, and take bets on how many more Cuban jokes I can make.


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