Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hasty Tasty Pancake House - Dayton, Ohio

Ah, the Hasty Tasty - a true Gem City landmark. Whether it's a hungover, no-eye-contact breakfast or an early bird dinner, the Hasty has been satisfying Dayton's craving for home cookin' for over 58 years. Serving homemade everything (including pies) and all-day breakfast, you really can't lose. I've been coming here for years since I started moving further East into Dayton, and Denny's became a cess pool and Nick's Diner (also dba Linden Grill) closed.

After a year together, Mr. FvF had never made it to Hasty with me for a meal other than breakfast. Sure, the breakfast is monster delicious and a hell of a value ($3.50 breakfast specials daily), but they have some great dinners and sandwiches. Last weekend after a long day of doing yard work with the fam, Ma and Pa FvF, Mr. FvF and I piled into the Tahoe and drove one whole block down to the Hasty for some dinner, as we were all too worn out to cook.

Everything was outstanding, and the mister and I were the only ones to clean our plates (shocking, I know).

Ma's turkey w/dressing, green beans &whipped potatoes

Dad's steak hoagie w/fries
Mr. FvF's deep fried fish & fries (all you can eat on Fridays!)
My pork tenderloin in mushroom gravy
(sides of slaw and cottage cheese w/pineapple not pictured)

As every other experience with the Hasty Tasty, 5 out of 5 sporks! The service was great, the food was stellar, and we all got out of there under $40.

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