Saturday, April 17, 2010

Root Beer BBQ Pulled Pork

Michael "Tripod" Palm from the Chicago Western Burbs Man B Que Chapter submitted this recipe to the Man B Que blog late last month and I'd been dying to try it out.
Conclusion: So full of win that I ate it until I made myself sick.

So, mosey on over to Man B Que and check out this ridiculously easy recipe. Food vs. Face only changed one tiny thing. I switched the loin out for pork shoulder (Boston Butt), just because that what I like to cook with. Also, Sweet Baby Ray's is the only molasses-based sauce allowed in Chez FvF, so I highly recommend sticking with it for the recipe, unless you make your own and genuinely think it's better. Although I love mustard-based sauces, it's out of place here. The pork gets a killer sweetness from cooking all day in the root beer, and it just ruins things.
And a word to the wise (which hopefully, you already know if you're reading FvF), never, EVER use Open Pit BBQ sauce unless you love the taste of rancid ketchup.


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