Wednesday, April 28, 2010

99 problems, and this post ain't one

In this, my 100th post, I would like to sincerely thank all of you loyal eaters/readers (reaters?) for helping Food vs. Face take off. If you'll recall from the very first post, I only started this blog out of obligation because I'd gotten a camera with a food setting. For a blog that was only born in January, I think clocking well over 1,000 hits per week is something to crow about.

You all could be spending your webbernet time looking at p0rn, logging on to Facebook making fun of Orca-sized exes, cruising Craigslist for your old Earth Science teacher who has a thing for watersports, or warming your heart with the many LOLcat pictures to be had - but instead, you keep coming back to this old place and letting me fill your head with bad ideas and your arteries with disease.

Thanks to everyone who has linked to me, especially DaytonMostMetro. Big ups to ManBQue for teaming up with me, even though I don't have the proper equipment to be in their treehouse. Thanks to everyone who lets me know they're reading and anxiously await each update, and bless their hearts, even recognize me in public. I assumed when I started this page that only my mother and Mr. FvF would be reading (one of them silently judging me about the swearing), but my sitemeter tells me otherwise. Thanks to ALL of my family and friends for being encouraging, but most of all, my dear Mr. FvF, who patiently waits for me to take pictures of the food every night while it's getting cold.

For now, I'll leave you with the best nugget of wisdom I can impart:
Always stop to smell the bacon.


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