Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Table Scraps 4/20/10 - Dayton Restaurant News

  • Barbie's Bistro on West Dorothy Lane will be closing its doors as of May 3. Owner Barbie Marks cited slow business as the the primary reason for her closing. I hate to see any local independent close, but I will say the reason I never made it there is because I thought it was a bit pricey considering the menu.
  • The Cafe @ Sidebar opened up shop yesterday in to the old Pacchia digs on 5th Street. Sidebar will eventually launch a full dining service in the space, but for now they're renovating and serving most sandwiches, including some vegan and vegetarian options. The Cafe is open 11a-4p Monday through Saturday, so I think I'll have top check it out and see just how they're working this. I can't seem to make sense of, if the bar and dining area are closed for renovation, exactly where they're serving the food. For those of you not in the know, Sidebar already operates a cocktail lounge on West 2nd Street downtown and serves amazing cocktails, several with house-made bitters and juices. I recommend the Moscow Mule!
  • TGI Friday's on 725 near the Dayton Mall will be closed for a few days to clear up the damage from a fire that occurred in the wee hours of this morning. Fire officials said they're not sure when the place will be able to reopen, and are unsure what sparked the blaze near the cooktop area.
  • 5th Street Wine & Deli has started doing their beer & wine tastings on the patio again. I knew it had to be about time, since Mr. FvF and I stopped there for a tasting on our first date, and our anniversary is coming up this Sunday. Every Saturday from 6-9pm, weather permitting.


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