Saturday, April 17, 2010

Old Hickory BBQ - Dayton Ohio

Let me first dispel the myth that Hickory BBQ on Brown Street near UD and Old Hickory on North Main are related. They're not. I'm sure Hickory BBQ has delicious food, based on the line that frequently goes out their door, but I've never set foot in the place. Old Hickory BBQ on Main, however, is our special occasion dining preference. Mr. FvF had a birthday on Thursday, so I took him there to get his fill of ribs, along with my sister and her fella, and our friends Josh & Carla.

The service was top-notch from the moment we got inside. We were seated at a nice, roomy table, and our waitress, Stacy, took our drink order and went over the specials with everyone. She quickly brought out our drinks and some bread baskets with butter and asked if anyone had questions about the menu. I inquired about the difference between the steak fries and broasted potatoes, because I couldn't remember. Stacy explained it to me, then said they started ordering the broasted potatoes pre-cut since we'd last been in, but that they were actually crispier, and much better - and if I didn't like them, she'd bring me something else. Half the table ordered ribs, the other half ordered steak.

EJ's half slab & steak fries

My 10 oz sirloin with broasted potato wedges

Most everyone also ordered salads, as well. The salad itself isn't that impressive, but I really order it just for the house dressing (a sweet vinaigrette), which I would bathe in. I had went on & on about the steaks, and how they were like "meat butter," because they're so well seasoned and any fat to be found would just melt in your mouth. Needless to say, everyone agreed and was very impressed. For the first time ever, my steak wasn't cooked an absolutely perfect mid-rare, but I dare not send it back. Two reasons - a.) it was still magically delicious even on the heavier side of medium and b.) sending food back at Old Hickory would feel like telling your dad he overcooked your steak after he'd slaved over the grill all day. In fact, I still enjoyed the steak SO much that they won't even lose a half spork for this. To boot, this minor snag was the only problem amongst the six dinners that came to the table. Everyone raved about their food, even the meat snobs and picky eaters.

I was very happy that Stacy had steered me toward the new broasted taters, because they were to DIE for. The closest comparison I can conjure would be the Space Spuds from Woody's (RIP) - but the breading was much crunchier.

Just as I thought we couldn't handle so much as looking at more food, our very perceptive server overheard us mention that it was Mr. FvF's birthday and brought him a piece of turtle cheesecake, on the house. She was also smart enough to know that I'd want some too, and brought two forks. Score!

I'll argue with anyone that these are the best steaks in town. The mister loves their ribs, but I haven't eaten enough ribs in Dayton to dare say they're the best - but they ARE super tasty. Say what you will about fancy joints like Flemings, or equally old Dayton haunts like the Pine Club - but if I want a perfect steak (and don't want to take out a second mortgage to get it), I'll go for Ol' Hick every time.

5 out of 5 sporks!

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Anonymous said...

Well, the person writing this is about half right... In actuallity, both the Brown Street and N Main St restaurants were called Old Hickory when Joe Kiss of Brown St ande Steve Kolb on N Main bought the original recipes from the original Old Hick Rest on Third street way back in the early sixties....

Then Joe and Steve split, family andf business ideas differed....(they were brother in laws)

So they diod come from the same heritage, split in the 80's and went differeent directions...both offer the best in product, service, and you will not be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

My favorite was the Old Hickory on third street. Would love to have the recipe for the blue cheese salad dressing. Anyone know it and would care to share?

Anonymous said...

Joe And Steve split in the early 70's and not the 80's. I worked for both men, so I know. The food back then was SUPER. People would stand in line for hours just to eat the food at all 3 restaurants.Not sure how the food is today because I don't live in the area anymore.

Anonymous said...

This restaurant has changed hands a few times since this post - it's no longer in the family.

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