Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sandwich Club - Charlotte, NC

After being holed up in the hotel room for the better part of the day, I met Mr. FvF for lunch. Again, the cute little park across from the convention center left little dining options that were even relatively affordable. Apparently Charlotte seems to think they're Chicago with the prices they're charging. Did I mention that Thursday night I paid $17 for a drink? Yeah, and beers were $8.

The rub is, he was on a tight schedule, so we had to go some place within walking distance. The only thing other than pizza was a little joint called Sandwich Club. They had a pretty good variety available, and the prices were fair enough. Most specialty sandwiches were $6.50, while the more standard fare was $5.50 - all chips, drinks, etc were a la carte. They had a good variety of sides and bread options, as well.

The food was fine. Not spectacular, but not bad. My chicken salad was decent, but wasn't sweet enough and just not flavorful enough in general. The Mister's chicken cordon blue was admittedly much better than my choice, but they definitely used the frozen chicken patties along the lines if what you might get at BK or Wendy's.

While I'm glad it was there (and open), it was just very mediocre and I don't have much to add about it.

3 out 5 sporks

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