Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bravo - Dayton Mall

My gal pal Ginger owed herself a ladies day out, which turned into a shopping excursion with me on the hunt for a gaudy dress for my dirty thirty party. Everyone knows that ladies lunch, but broads and bitches prefer to brunch. So, we hit the new-ish Bravo just outside the Dayton Mall and figured we'd give it a whirl. It took us a while to decide, since we had brunch, lunch and dinner menus to choose from. But, our handsome and attentive server brought me a peach Bellini and Gin a Bloody Mary while we perused. Let's not forget the mini loaves of warm, rosemary bread they bring out with the infused oil that I'd probably drink from a bottle like a hobo sipping on Thunderbird wine.

Gin decided on the Grilled chicken salad, and opted for the entree size, since the lunch portion seemed too small. Also, we had BIG hongries.
Her salad came out looking lot bigger then she'd planned, as did my food, so it was perfect sitting & chatting food while we picked away at it.

I chose the Omelet of the day - spinach, fresh tomatoes, feta cheese, caramelized onions, asparagus, to which I of course added bacon. I was so excited to see that it came with fresh fruit. I was rushing through my Bellini so far that I didn't even spy that on the menu.
Dad, please don't get upset when I say this is the best omelet I've ever had. It was on an entirely different place then Pa FvF's omelets, which are usually stuffed which things not nearly as good for you, but are an absolute staple in my comfort food repertoire. The eggs were just the fluffiest I'd ever had, and filled to the brim with bright flavors and balanced out by the sweetness and smokiness of the bacon and onions. And the big winner - NO damn Hollandaise sauce. Put it on your fries or something, because it doesn't belong on an omelet like this (bob Evans, I'm looking in your direction). To boot, the fruit selection was all ripe and in season. I ate everything but the blueberries, which I knew would stain my teeth and make for an awful trip to the MAC counter later.

Considering prices rising all over the place on menus, this was quite a bargain. The bread, the omelet, the fruit and the Bellini only came to about $16. Minus the cocktail, you're looking at about a $10 tab, which you won't even beat at Bob Evans these days. The priciest thing on Bravo's brunch menu is only $13.99, and that's the Bistecca Benedict - "two poached eggs served atop beef tenderloin medallions and Romano crusted tomatoes with Hollandaise sauce. Served with breakfast potatoes." Sounds like some local restaurateurs need to up their game and get in on this brunch menu. Come on, even Baptists are out of bed by 10 a.m. If you know of any other local spots serving brunch, let a gal know!

5 out of 5 sporks!

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Unknown said...

That was a spectacular lunch (splendid even.) I could totally eat another chicken chopped salad RIGHT NOW. Let's go out again soon.

cookiesandmilk said...

I love the Pesto Tortelloni there. I now make it at home and my whole family loves it!

Juliana said...

Late to the game, but I just saw this. Bravo's chicken parm is awesome. They also have this lasagna that has both marinara and alfredo sauces.

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