Monday, May 24, 2010

Waffle King - Corbin, KY

At the end of our mini-vacation, we stopped on the way out of town for some breakfast before heading back to Ohio. I'm sure there were better places we could have found, had we not been starving - but for some reason my UrbanSpoon mobile app always sets me to Seattle and won't let me change it. So, we settled for Waffle King.

The place was packed, and so small only one person can come through the doorway at once, plus they only had one table that seated more than four, so we had to split up. The Waffle King menu looks exactly like the Waffle House menu, except for the fact that it basically advertises that nothing but the waffles are made in-house. Smucker's jam, Pillsbury biscuits, Hormel breakfast meats, Tyson pork chops - nearly everything had a brand name stamped on it. Oddly enough, not an artificial sweetener to be found for the coffee, though - only sugar.

Our order was taken quickly, but the food took what seemed like ages to come out. Lack of homemade-ness be damned, I'd be lying if I said everything wasn't pretty delicious. The scrambled eggs were fluffy, bacon was thick and crispy, grits were the right consistency and the hash browns had a great crispy layer on the outside.

The service was just okay. Coffee was refilled once, I think, but nothing outstanding. I really wish I had more to say, but it was just breakfast. Good food and bad everything else doesn't impress me. As for breakfast food, it was quite a bit better than someplace like Hasty Tasty - but I'll take HT's top-notch service and hit-or-miss homemade food over a joint like this any day.

3.5 out of 5 sporks!


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