Monday, May 24, 2010

Linh's Restaurant (Chinese & Vietnamese) - Dayton, OH

Once Mr. FvF and I finally made it back to the Dirty D yesterday evening, the last thing I wanted to do was cook. I mentioned going to the Hasty Tasty for an early bird special, but the poor guy had taken my bossin' the whole ride home, so I let him veto my vote for Hasty in favor of Chinese food.
Only problem is, I'm really picky about Chinese food. I really like North China in Centerville, and China cottage is pretty good, too - but neither are close to the East end. After poking around on UrbanSpoon, I found that a little place on Airway Rd called Linh's was bested in ratings only by P.F. Chang's in the Dayton area. Thankfully, they have an online menu, so we phoned in our order and went to pick it up.
Mr. FvF ordered the Empress chicken and I ordered the Crispy orange beef, both in deluxe dinner specials. They each came with a side of rice, eggroll or crab rangoon, and a choice of soup. We both got eggrolls, and I got the wonton soup while he opted for the hot & sour.

We got home and Mr. FvF started unloading and I went to get some extra plates.
Me: "Do we need extra napkins?"
Mr FvF: "No, but we might need an extra table."

It was an absolute ton of food, no matter how tightly they had it crammed into tiny little cartons. We chowed down and both sampled one another's dishes, and decided that it was some of the best damn Chinese food we'd ever consumed. He says the hot & sour soup doesn't top China Cottage's, and I agreed that my wonton soup wasn't as good as what I get at North China.
His Empress Chicken had a great spice in the glaze, but the first hint of heat you got was as far as it went - it didn't intensify as you kept eating.

My Crispy Orange Beef was tender, lightly breaded, and smothered in a sauce that wasn't overly sweet and swimming in orange rind (one of my favorite things). I added a little red pepper flake to kick up the flavor a bit, which worked really well.

We didn't dine in, but the phone service was pleasant, and it wasn't too pricey. More than a lot of Chinese takeout joints, but you're getting restaurant quality food (as opposed to the chewy cat meat found at places like New China down the other end of the road), so $10 a piece isn't too shabby.

5 out of 5 sporks!

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Sarah S. said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I've raved about it for years, and I am so excited that people are finally eating here!! Well...except that its constantly crowded.

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