Saturday, May 8, 2010

Table Scraps 5/7/10

  • After a several weeks of amazing dishes, we a had a dinner fail. Turns out beef stroganoff is actually better with sausage. I should have gone to
  • District Dine-Arounds are back! Per the MVRA's newsletter:
    Starting 6/23/10, Guests will visit the Oregon District's art galleries, dine at the restaurants, and even tour an Oregon District mansion. The evening will kick off at an art gallery for appetizers and wine(prepared by an Oregon District eatery), and then we will head off to tour the Oregon District mansion. Then we will dine at one the restaurants for dinner, tour another gallery, and end up the evening with desserts. The evening will begin at 530pm. Restaurants include: Boulevard Haus, Coco's Bistro, Jay's, The Side Bar, and Thai 9. Menus and restaurant line up TBA. Cost is $ 40.00 per person which includes tax and gratuity. Tickets on sale now and can be purchased by clicking here.
  • Speaking of The Side Bar, they're fully open for business now in the former Pacchia space in the Oregon District. They'll be serving all kinds of magically delicious dishes in addition to their already killer list of "vintage" cocktails, put together with help from the staff at The Violet Hour in Chicago.
  • Submarine House has closed its Wilmington Pike location, but hopes to open another Kettering location in the bar & grill style that's going up in Fairborn.
  • Homemade's new Fried Ice Cream flavor is pretty great, but not everything I want it to be. The cinnamon ice cream and honey-caramel swirl are amazing, but the cinnamon-dusted tortilla pieces have some texture issues after hanging out in all that dairy.
  • The Man B Que Dayton chapter is finally getting off the ground. For more info on the wonderment of Man B Que, check out their website and the rules of being part of the club. I should reiterate there are no fees involved, and it's totally kick ass. If you're interested in being part of the Dayton chapter, contact Food vs. Face or leave a comment with your contact info. There will be a practice MBQ in late May, then the official kick off with the Godfather sometime in June.


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