Thursday, May 6, 2010

Salsa's - Dayton, Ohio

It turns out my secret Mexican/Latin restaurant is becoming a lot less secret, and that's perfectly alright by me. Mr. FvF, my buddy Def Leper and I headed to Salsa's in the Airway shopping center last night, as part of what's become tradition to enjoy a little Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo without the crazies at Elsa's or the crowds at other Mexican joints. I went there last year on the same day and I don't think they'd been open long at the time, because it was less than half full during dinner rush. I figured worst case scenario, I'd get some decent food, a margarita, and it wouldn't be packed. I was so impressed by the menu (Tostones and chorizo? Count me in!), the food, the prices and the staff that it's probably the only Mexican restaurant I've set foot in since. I was hoping this 5/5 it wouldn't be too packed for us to get a table, but I wanted to see the place fill out a bit more, and they certainly did. We got there right at 6pm, and there were only two indoor tables and one patio table available.

I was more than happy to see they're Cinco drink specials of - are you sitting down? - 95 cent Margaritas! Considering it's cheaper than ordering a soda, we all ordered one, but weren't expecting much. Granted, they were made from your standard mix, but the tequila definitely wasn't lacking. By the time we'd had our fill of chips & salsa, our food came out. They've incorporated a clever method for a mid-range restaurant of wheeling the bigger orders out on carts so that it doesn't require 2-3 servers to bring food out for one table. The food, as always, was perfect.

My flautas dinner - one beef, one chicken

Def Leper's Mexican Flag plate, mysteriously devoid of salsa verde.

I tried to snap a pic of the Mister's Enchiladas Rojas, but the margaritas must have gotten to me, because it didn't quite turn out. They've recently taken to putting more fresh herbs and greens on the plate with the standard beans and rice, which I think is tops. Eventually I'll have to stray from my beloved flautas to try some of their Latin menu. Basically, aside from the seafood, there's not much on there that doesn't look fantastic.

I'm pretty sure no one's entree was over $10. In fact, Mr. FvF and I got out of there paying $20 for two entrees and five margaritas. Between the food and the service, I say Salsa's is the best Mexican restaurant in Dayton. I know everyone will react immediately saying I'm wrong, because it's Taqueria Mixteca - but I don't consider the two places to be in the same class of eatery.

5 out of 5 sporks!

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