Friday, May 14, 2010

ManBQue: All aboard the gravy train!

I promised I'd post a gravy tutorial to follow up John's biscuit recipe, and last night's BFMFD finally gave me the chance to fulfill my obligation.

In the kind of household I grew up in, gravy was considered a condiment fit to put on almost anything - biscuits, eggs, toast, chicken, ham, potatoes, etc. Hell, it was practically considered a beverage. Mine was a very blue collar home, meaning we weren't wiping our asses with hundred dollar bills, and gravy was often used to "round out a meal." That probably explains a lot about my figure, actually.

Now's the time that you'll toddle on over to ManBQue for fulfillment of your wildest gravy fantasies.


Jeff said...

What a gorgeous picture. I love how the bacon sort of glimmers at you.

mmmmm bacon.

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