Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fifty Shades of Chocolate: A Sweet Nothings Event!

About this time last year, a the appropriately sweet Sarah, owner of Sweet Nothings, hooked me up with some of her finery so I could review it for the blog.  Not a week has gone by since that I haven't craved that toffee.  And the Grogg cake. And those heart shaped cookies.  Oh, and the brownies.  Even my favorite cupcakers at Cake, Hope and Love got into the groove and started featuring her toffees in some of their signature items!

This year, Sweet Nothings will be peddling their amazing sweets at Oakwood's Get Dressed!  Boutique on Far Hills February 13 and 14 from 12noon to 6pm.  For all of you filthy perverts, I know the name is prompting you to expect a tie-in with every housewife's favorite soft-core erotica best-seller, so here it is!  Remember those gorgeous sparkly cream cheese sugar cookies I went on about?  Well, they decided to slip into something more comfortable for this event, and they brought a game for later...

If you're not a pervert, or you just don't like cookies (I'm not judging you on either), she'll also have some fancy cakes (including a balsamic chocolate torte), and her always kick-ass toffees.  We don't really do Valentine's Day in the FvF household (at my insistence), but I'd be happy to spend some quality time alone with these confections for the special day.  

You can pre-order goodies for this event by emailing her at , or just find her at Webster Street Market!  


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