Thursday, August 12, 2010

Table Scraps 8/12/10

Friday the 13th - Spooky specials at Skyline! Tomorrow, the Dayton Mall location of Skyline chili will be serving up 13 coneys for $13. Get your Pepto ready!

Christopher's Restaurant is continuing their themed Thursday dinner specials, featuring "Miami Valley Grown Meals" for $18.95 per person.

Greek Isles Deli on Airway Rd is now offering a Greek buffet on Fridays. This is word-of-mouth news, so I don't have specifics, but it's on my list of places to check out.

Had lunch at DoubleDay's in Cross Point Center again yesterday, and discovered that they have the best fried pickles...ever. They're breaded in panko and what appears to be grated parmesan cheese. Full of win.

Still working my way through the Dei Fratelli tomato products sampler that I got. Mr. FvF and I both adore these pasta sauces & salsas. No artificial ingredients or preservatives, and much lower sugar content than a lot of their mainstream competitors. They actually taste fresh, like REAL tomatoes, not like doctored up tomato paste. Looks like Dayton-area Kroger stores are carrying the brand now, too!


Sarah Stephens said...

Greek Isle Deli has had their greek buffet the first Friday of the month for a few years. It's really good, but it keeps getting more and more expensive!! Right now, I believe it's $12.50 each. If you sign up on their website they will send you a reminder and a coupon every month. The biggest downside though, is it's a tiny place and it gets absolutely PACKED. If we don't get there when it starts at 4pm, then there can be a HUGE wait. I believe the hours are 4-8pm the first Friday of the month. However, like I said, it's very good!
I have heard that Gyros in Moraine also has a Greek buffet every Saturday. Have yet to try that one yet! But, I LOVEEEEE greek food! :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't been the Gyro's (in Moraine) buffet yet, but I can vouch that the gyros and Greek fries are awesome.

Valerie Strickland said...

Best fried pickles ever? Yes, please!!! I'll be ordering those next time I eat at DoubleDay's! Thanks for the info.

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