Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Marketplace - Kettering, Ohio

There's a little place out on Wilmington Pike where I like to buy my dad cigars, browse around their wine selections and peruse the Greek food & novelties in a small freezer area in the back. I always salivate over the baklava, spanakopita and tzatziki sauce, but I'm always on my way somewhere else and have no way to keep them frozen.

As I should have figured, Pa FvF has made nice with the owner of The Marketplace, George, over several years of being a good customer to their humidor. Pa loves to tell everyone about Food vs Face, because he's better than your dad, and proud as a peacock. After telling the proprietor about my blog, George insisted that Pa take one of his gyro kits, along with homemade tzatziki sauce home and pass it along to me to try and review.

After a long day of swimming and spotting doppelgangers at the pool last weekend, I invited my friend Tim from YouIndie over to have dinner with us and check it out. I made a little souvlaki for myself, grilled the pitas quickly and oven-warmed the lamb for the boys, and we all made gyros. Since I don't really dig on lamb, I have to take their word that it was a big handfull of "hell yeah." The pitas, although they came to me frozen, tasted as fresh as the day they were made when allowed to thaw and plopped on the grill for a minute. The tzatziki was out this world! The perfect accompaniment, better than Ticket's, and much, much better than any I've ever made. I wonder if I might be able to talk George into teaching me his family recipe?

We'll be having the sauce again tomorrow when we make feta steaks (basically, gyros with sirloin instead of lamb), which I'll have photos of since I missed the chance when we had our first go'round with the sauce.

All of the products still had the price tag on them, and under $10 for 4+ gyros and tzatziki is one hell of a deal. I'll definitely be back in to stock up on a few of these finds. Although I take pride in my culinary craftiness, sometimes it's just better to let the pros do the work. Keep up the great work, George!


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