Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Table Scraps 2/10/10

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, but we've been snowed in with the comforts of our old favorites. No new recipes or great new dining joints to report on. In lieu of real news, here are your table scraps!

  • With the roads mostly clear today, your favorite restaurants should be open, but it wouldn't hurt to call ahead and check before driving out for dinner (especially if you're north of Dayton, where they got hit harder).
  • Don't forget that Monday's are half price Monday nights at South Park Pizza Tavern (featuring Pizza Factory pie and great beers). That's a helluva deal!
  • One of my all-time faves, Christopher's Restaurant, is featuring different wild game in their Thursday special menu all month. Each Thursday will have a different theme. Check out tomorrow's, which sounds amazing: Appetizer - Asiago Potato Cakes Two pan seared potato cakes with asiago cheese topped with fresh garden salsa.

    Salad - Bacon Spinach Salad
    Baby spinach tossed with warm bacon-balsamic vinaigrette topped with toasted pumpkin seeds, grilled apple slices and goat cheese crumbles.

    Entrée - Slow Roasted Wild Boar
    Slices of roasted wild boar topped with apple cider gravy, served over cornbread stuffing and sweet acorn squash.

    Dessert - Pumpkin Crème Brulee
    Pumpkin flavored baked custard with caramelized sugar
  • If you're the type that celebrates Valentine's Day, check out the specials offered by local restaurants before dropping serious cash on a fancy dinner. Dinner for two specials range anywhere from $34 per couple (Franco's) to $80 per couple (Soprano's) and I'm sure go up from there, but they're still good deals for all you're getting. Culp's Cafe, El Meson, Amber Rose and Rue Dumaine are also offering special romantic menus and deals for the lovey-dovey holiday.
  • Because we're so very romantic ourselves, Mr. FvF and I are going to Chappy's on V-day. I could have picked anyplace in town, but so help me God, I cannot stop thinking about that chicken! Where are YOU celebrating with your sweetie this weekend?


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