Monday, February 1, 2010

Dayton Restaurant News

In case you're living under a rock, you already know that sidebar has picked up the lease at the old Pacchia space and the coffee shop has re-opened. For those of you living in the now, here's some more Gem City dining updates:

  • Smashburger (which I have yet to try) is opening a location on Brown St. near University of Dayton on February 24. Maybe this will make eat easier for me to check it out since it's much closer to my end of town that their Mall-area location.
  • In even awesomer Brown Street eats news, a new indie joint called Butter Cafe will be opening in the space that Dolcessa Gelato left vacant not too long ago. they'll offer breakfast and lunch, including a lot of locally grown/raised produce and meat, as well as free-range eggs and other stuff that's delicious and good for you. Big fat bonus: a gluten-free menu. I'm really excited about this place opening, but of course, all of the mongoloids on can do is bitch about how the name is "stupid" and it sounds like the kind of place that will alienate meat eaters. Pull your heads out of your asses and get excited about something, people. Butter Cafe is slated to open its doors sometime in March.
  • A handful of places garnered such great results from Restaurant week (which ended Friday 1/29), they're extending their deals one more week. Those eateries include:
Barbie's Bistro
The Melting Pot
The Caroline
Nick's Restaurant
The Dock
C'est Tout
Amelia's Bistro

Check the MVRA website for menus on these deals.


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