Monday, May 16, 2011

Rippy's Smokin' Bar & Grill - Nashville, TN

Yeah, remember how I went to Nashville six weeks ago?  Well, I'm finally getting around to telling you about it.  I'd gone a few years ago and remembered really liking Jack's BBQ, but not bothering with Rippy's BBQ.  A good friend of ours went about a year ago and insisted that Rippy's was 100 times better than Jack's.  Despite the piss-poor reviews of Rippy's on Yelp! and UrbanSpoon, I wanted to go back and try both, just to settle the debate.

We got into the 'ville just before dinnertime, so we freshened up and promptly hit the town.  Our (shitty) hotel was practically in Printer's Alley, so we were within a close walk of almost anyplace downtown.  There was a hockey game happening, so the streets and shops on Broadway were getting crowded fast.  I decided we'd try Rippy's the first night because I didn't want to end the trip on a sour note in case it sucked. Good thinking on my part.  

It took a while for us to be greeted, and regardless of the fact that we asked for a booth, the waitress sat us at a high-top table right in front of the window.  As long as we sat waiting for beverages, we put our order in right away in fear of how long it might take.  We both opted for the pulled pork basket with different sides.  

 The pork was okay - just okay.  they sprinkle some kind of "proprietary seasoning" over top of it that perhaps is supposed to make me think it's been dry-rubbed.  All it makes me think is, "I wonder if Longhorn is pissed that Rippy's stole their patented Prairie Dust?"  Our friend had also raved about the sauce, which I tried in spite of my better judgement.  We've been over this, eaters - good barbecue does not. Need. Sauce. I'm willing to try and give a sauce kudos to complimenting the meat when warranted, but this was not one of those times.  It had a decent spice to it, but was a vinegary disaster.  The Mister didn't care for his baked beans because they had big chunks of onions mixed in. That doesn't mean they were bad, just not for him.  Fries were decent, but likely of the frozen persuasion.
My onion rings were mighty tasty, but didn't make up for the sub-par pulled pork, or the diabetes-inducing sugar-laden cole slaw.  I'm a big fan of a sweet, dairy based slaw, but this bordered on unrecognizable. Plus it was hot inside and out, and I don't think the slaw had been well refrigerated.  Regardless of where it's from - if the slaw's not cold, I ain't the kind of gal to eat it.

Service is to Rippy's what a pleasant experience is to your local bargain theater.  They're not mutually exclusive.  The water glasses were mostly left empty and our server never asked if we wanted refills on our cocktails.  Our buddy had asked us to bring him back a bottle of their  barf amazing sauce, which we asked for twice and never got.

2 out of 5 sporks! 

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Anonymous said...

My friends and I went to Rippy's Friday night. We went there cause it was right next to the concert at the Bridgestone Arena. We went an hour and a half hours before the concert. We waited 10 mins to get greeted and another 10 mins to get our drinks. The waiter took our order 20 mins later after that and we ordered the same thing burger with chili cheese fries. The waiter comes back 30 mins later with our drinks empty and a burger with fries with an extra side of fries with chili on it. Charged us for the extra chili wheese fries. We asked for chili on the fries not a side of it. By that time we had to rush and eat our food and couldnt enjoy it because it was time to go to the concert already. The only thing fast was him bringing our check and taking the money and said thanks and walked away the rest of the time. No refills or come again. We didnt complain or acting rude. There were 4 other tables going to the concert also and they had the same treatment. One table went to the bar to get a drink just because he never came back. We shared a table with strangers cause there was no where there to sit. Its a nice place but bad service.

Anonymous said...

Ive gone to this place each time I go to Nashville, trying to give it another chance. The food is good, the chili and corn cakes were aaaamazing (we were a little intoxicated so that may have had some food altering effects) BUT like the other times I have gone to Rippys I have had the worst service I have ever had the pleasure of sitting through. I cant believe this place, they are only still open because everyone there is so hammered drunk from stumbling up and down Broadway. They honestly need to be freakin shut down and an entire new staff hired and trained properly. I literally got into a verbal fight with our waitress because when I ordered a burger and the menu said "comes with fries" and she asked me what I wanted as my two sides I said baked beans and coleslaw. Food comes out, no fries, I inquire about said fries after tracking her down 10 minutes later and she argured with me instead of a simple oh Ill get you fries I thought you wanted these other sides instead I get into a screaming match. The bill suddenly appears only to see that I was charged an extra 2.50 for said fries. I tracked down SOMEONE with a manager status and complained. The removed the extra charge. I left .50 cents and told the manager to get it to my waitress and let her know that was what I thought of her. What a horrible place. NEVER should someone scream and curse at you over a side order of fries!

Anonymous said...

No big drama. But waited over 30 minutes for a standard burger and fries. Overall, just average but over priced.

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