Sunday, May 8, 2011

El Mazatlan - Cave City, KY

 Finally got a chance to put my UrbanSpoon app for Droid to great use.  Starving, and in an area of Kentucky that's only known for Dinosaur World and Stucky's, I locked in on a price point and shook my phone furiously until it provided a result that sounded good to both Mr. FvF and I. We whipped around the corner to El Mazatlan, which wasn't packed, save for a late lunch crowd.

We were greeted, seated, and had our drink orders taken right away.  They had a pretty decent looking menu, and the Mister was thrilled to see Huevos con Chorizo on the menu.  I didn't see anything out of the ordinary that really jumped out at me, so I stuck with the old standby - flautas.  I know, I know - but I'm a sucker for giant taquitos.  We had no more than each smoked a cigarette (Kentucky can be awesome!) before our orders came a'sizzlin' to the table.  As usual, I sampled Mr. FvF's and kept all of mine for myself - so I can attest that they were both really flavorful.
 Maybe Los Reyes in Kettering can find out where they get their chorizo, considering it actually tastes like something. My flautas were crispy and juice, but not greasy - plenty of well-seasoned meat and I think just a hint of melty cheese in there, too.
Beans and rice were...well, beans and rice.  I probably haven't had better, and I've certainly had worse.  Large draft beers were only $2, which was cheaper than a soda.  Yeah, I know it was just shy of 2 p.m., but I was on vacation, you Puritans.  Service was fast, friendly and we got out of there for under $20.

5 out of 5 sporks! 


Jeff from Middletucky said...

I can order what you guys ordered from, literally, ANY faux-"authentic" Mexican place from Dayton, to Cincinnati, to, hell, Valdosta, GA. And that includes the huevos con chorizo. The exceptions, of course, would be the Taqueria Mercado locations south of the Dayton area, and La Michoacana in Dayton.

Really, there's little point in reviewing the other, cookie-cutter places unless a) they feature dishes, like huevos divorciados, that are more than a touch unique (and which you'd probably not order anyway, as you seem tied to ordering flautas/taquitos, no matter where you dine); or b) you simply review the service and decor at such places.

Vizz said...

Damn, Jeff! You were quickly becoming one of my favorite readers up until this comment. I don't mind a little criticism, but this doesn't seem all that constructive. If I'm dining at restaurants with identical menus, what difference does it make if I'm frequently ordering the same thing?
More importantly, I'm going to review every single place I eat, especially if it's new, and even if not by choice. I'm writing just as much for the food snobs as I am for grandmas looking for dining options outside of Applebee's.

Anonymous said...

Jeff? Shut your pie hole. I love reading her posts, even if she only eats taquitos/flautas forever. At least I know where to get the good ones! Geez, Jeff! If you think you are better, get your own site!

Jeff from Middletucky said...

Eh, I guess I'm not seeing where in my comment I got all "real like a muh-fuh" on you, but okay, whatever, I'll take the knock. And, hey, I do realize that this is YOUR blog, and not mine (your ball, your playground, your rules, etc., etc.). But if I was writing a food blog, I'd mix it up a *little* bit whenever I dined out. You know, for the good of the blog and all.

Anyway, despite this little bump in the road, and despite your kinda-sorta overreaction to what I posted (and despite the BALLSY anonymous minion admonishing me to "shut [my] piehole"), I shall keep reading (and commenting, assuming you don't choose to censor me from here on out) your blog, as I do really like it, honestly and truly.

Oh, and one more thing: I'd like to be a fly on the wall if ever the person who drew your homepage illustration and Zina Saunders ever got to meet up.

Vizz said...

I didn't think you "got real," Jeff. I never censor comments just because I may not like them. If I get called out, I can handle it - I just didn't see what all the fuss was over me reviewing so many Mexican restaurants. I have a gluten allergy, so Mexican food is a safe go-to when I'm out of my element or don't feel like making a decision. Despite the fact that most of them may have the same menu, there's still good, sub-par and bad.
I don't feel like I overreacted, I just reacted.

My readers have minds of their own - and while I appreciate his/her opinion, I never want my comments section to become a lot of "shut up, you're wrong!" and name calling. THEN I may start censoring comments.

My husband did the illustration for my page. Fabulous, isn't it?

Sharc 65 said...

Hah! I've been to this very same El Mazatlan while visiting Mammoth Cave, and I had the same reaction. We were looking for an impromtu dinner and a drink -- and realized with horror that the very small selection in town was mostly dry. Sure these Mexican places are a dime-a-dozen in big towns, but at the gastronomic wasteland that is Exit 53 off I-65, this place was a real find. Great service, low traffic, and delicious food complete with marguerita were much appreciated. A great post, and spot on as usual Vizz!

Rusty Shackles said...


Jeff from Middletucky said...

Spoken like a true hack.

Vizz said...

Nice one, Jeff. Hope you enjoyed your comment approval while it lasted.

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