Sunday, April 3, 2011

DoubleDay's Bar & Grill - Centerville, Ohio

I've reviewed Doubleday's before, so I'll keep this short & sweet.  I take my mom here for lunch about once a month or so, and we both always get soup & salad.  Their house salads are huge with a big, colorful veggie variety, and served with great pumpernickel oat bread.  All of their soups are made in-house, and they never have fewer than 4-5 per day.  I'm a major sucker for the black bean sausage soup, so I get that every time. Could stand a bit more sausage, but it's so filling and it hits the spot every time.  Probably not a good choice for a date night, considering you can lift yourself off to space within about 30 minutes of eating it.    
Ma FvF switches it up each time, though. This past time she got the Chicken & Pasta soup, which we both thought would be a broth-based soup on the low-cal side.  Not so much.  
An amazing, velvety cream base with small shell pasta, spinach, chicken and some other goodies.  It was fantastic.  The more I go there, the more it makes sense why you always have to wait for a table there.  It's not in my top five of all time or anything, but they're almost always a top lunch pick, especially if I'm in the Centerville area.  

5 out of 5 sporks


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