Thursday, March 24, 2011

Izzy's Deli - West Chester, Ohio

A trip to Jungle Jim's isn't gluttonous enough for me, so we decided to hit Izzy's Deli while we were down that way a few weeks ago.  For the longest time, I thought Izzy's was just a company that made really great pickles, until I finally got bored enough to look at the jar, then look'em up online.  A sandwich menu half a mile long!  Free pickles on every table?  Why hadn't anyone told me about this?!  Oh wait, my sister had.  She raved about the turkey rueben, and how it was loaded with sweet slaw, instead of the dreaded 'kraut that strikes fear into the heart of FvF family women.  

Tempting as that was, I went with the Andy Furman - Black Angus roast beef and creamy cole slaw on pumpernickel - and added melted Swiss.  Ding ding ding!  We have a winner.  I only got half a sandwich on my sister's advice, and I'm glad I didn't go for the gusto with a whole.  All sandwiches come with a giant potato cake that's bigger than the sammiches themselves.  Wait, did I say potato cakes?  What I meant was "batter-fried goodness from heaven."  The crispy, buttery outer shell of a funnel cake, filled with potatoes, onions and seasonings.  
The sandwiches mostly all looked the same, but it wouldn't be a trip to Izzy's if I didn't at least post a pic of their original Reuben.  Again, 'kraut sends me running like a kid avoiding a spanking, but I did nibble a bit of the corned beef and it was delicious.  

Service wasn't much of a factor in this place.  Think along the lines of Skyline.  As long as the gal keeps your sodas full, there's not much to think about.  They pretty much always have one cook and one server, which wasn't an issue when we went - but I'd imagine it could be a real pain around lunchtime.  The prices could have been a bit more reasonable (almost $7 for a half sandwich), but you have to consider you're kind of paying a smidge for local love and kitsch factor.  Plus, they have little bowls of free pickles on every table. So, I made sure I ate what felt like at least $2 worth of pickles to balance things out.  

4.5 out of 5 sporks!  


Mr Uts N Hoj said...

I ate at the Brunch Club, downtown Dayton, yesterday and had the potato pancake breakfast. It was OK but the potato pancakes weren't even a bit crisp on the outside. But now, seeing just a photograph of Izzy's pancakes make me crave one. Even though Izzy's is no longer family owned the potato pancakes still look awesome. I used to live a couple blocks away from their old Plum St location downtown. Saturday at Izzy's, often by myself, was a slice of heaven on earth.

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