Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First Watch - Fairborn, Ohio

Before a day of people-watching at Gem City Comic Con, my sister and I decided to grab some brunch and take in some retail therapy to make sure we had enough regular people smell on us that the nerds didn't think we were one of them.  I love eggs, so brunch and BFD are basically just excuses for me to order omelettes at non-agreed upon times of day. 

First Watch has perturbed me on a few occasions - from their $2/ea a la carte eggs, to their unexplained removal of chorizo items from certain area restaurants, to their comination of chicken into omelettes (one life stage at a time there, folks).  Luckily for me, they did offer the mexican sausage-laden options at the Fairborn location.  Unlucky for them, they did a shit job of them. 

I ordered the Acapulco Express omelette, and Skillz ordered the Grilled Turkey Sandwich.   She remarked that her sandwich was damn tasty, but she didn't care a ton for the marinated side salad, due to all of the cucumbers (one of her mortal enemies).  But, that's alright, I took care of that for her.


As for my sides - fruit is fruit and if you're seen one English muffin, you've seen them all. I can't say that my omelette was bad - it had a sufficient amount of veggies and cheese, but even upon opening it up like a cadaver, I could only find about a dime's worth of chorizo. 

If I wanted a vegetarian omelette, that's what I would've ordered, assfaces. 

Price points here are almost in proportion with the menu, which is great if you get what you ordered.  But, when you pay almost $9 for a meatless omelette it seems pretty skewed.  Service was good, but not outstanding. The wait (even for 1pm on a Sunday) was a bit much, especially considering there is no place for hungry diners to wait, no pagers and no loudspeaker.  You just have to meander around in the cold (or heat, depending on time of year) close to the door and hope you hear when your name is called.  

Not that I was counting on First Watch to make the cut, but I'm still on the hunt for good, reasonably-priced brunch spots around D-town.

2.5 out of 5 sporks!

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Jeff from Middletucky said...

I've eaten at the Dayton Mall location exactly twice (the first time out of genuine, hopeful curiosity; the second time because friends [inexplicably] really, really wanted to go there), and it was two times too many. I do. NOT. get this place's outsized popularity (or maybe I do, considering we live in a world where Olive Garden not only endures, but thrives) at all, especially when places like The Original Pancake House are readily available to dine at.

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