Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Granny C's Bakery - Huber Heights, Ohio

Long story short, we made some big mistakes with a client and I needed to smooth things over. Nothing really says "mah bad" better than baked goods. I'm usually at a loss for family-owned bakeries in Huber (besides Old Glory, which is pretty out of my way) - but last week Dayton Dining/Dayton Most Metro had a little blurb about a place on 202 that I wanted to check out. It sits in the partially hot pink parking lot that used to be Patty Cakes, just past Harshman.

I picked out a myriad of goodies for my customer, then something for me and Mr. FvF to split after dinner. After I got to talking to the gals that work there (who couldn't have been sweeter), she stuffed another sweet into the cardboard box for me - an orange cupcake. She said to imagine Hostess's old orange-filled cupcakes, but a hundred times better.

She couldn't have been more spot-on in her recommendations. We split the orange cupcake - a mild orange cake topped and filled with orange icing and whipped cream, and the peanut butter cookie bar - a square of peanut butter cookie, topped with chocolate ganache, peanut butter frosting, and PB cookie crumbs.

Both of the sweet treats were spectacular. Frankly, much better than I was expecting. They were delightfully sweet without being so rich that it hurts either your teeth or your tummy, well-executed, and presented nicely. I know where I'll be going from now on for any kind of baked goods if I'm in the Huber Heights area - whether it's for a client or for myself.

5 out of 5 sporks!

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Sarah Taubert said...

Thanks from all of us at Granny C's for stopping in today! Glad you enjoyed your goodies! We work very hard to produce only home made treats to tempt all who walk through our doors! :)
ps I love your blog! I will be following it from now on!

Vizz said...

Thanks, Sarah! Were you the one I talked with today? I felt so bad that I forgot to ask your name. My husband and I loooooved the treats we brought home! I'll definitely be back. :)

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