Sunday, October 10, 2010

Golden Jersey Inn - Young's Dairy, Yellow Springs

Last weekend we headed to Young's Dairy for the first time with our buddies Matt & Ginger and their baby nerds. We goofed around, looked at the baby goats (Satan's most adorable creation) and their creepy sideways pupils, then sat down for an early-bird dinner at the Golden Jersey Inn. Basically, I was only interested in the fried cheese curds, but I knew if I just ordered three plates of them for dinner, I'd be hawking Activia harder than Jamie Lee Curtis by Monday.

My pork tenderloin & taters
Matt's Cheese Curd Salad
All cheese curds, all the time!

Basically, the cheese curds were stunning and everything else was okay. My pork tenderloin was good, but no better than I've had anywhere else. The meat-to-potatoes ratio was pretty out of whack, but I didn't personally mind, since I try to steer clear of a lot of starch. Besides, I was saving my fail for dessert, which would have been tops if it was put together right.

Mr. FvF and I both ordered the mini buckeye sundaes, which came out with no buckeyes. the girl brought them a few minutes later, so it was fin watching my ice cream melt during the interim. But, it was damn good ice cream. I actually wanted gelato, but they only serve that in the ice cream store, not the restaurant. What the ass? Surprisingly impressive, though, was Gin's bread pudding (a la mode, duh). It wasn't Christopher's good or anything, but I wasn't expecting their non-ice cream desserts to wow me. I finished my sundae and helped her finish this beast.

The service was pretty meh - our cups were frequently empty, the waitress didn't point out where the kids menus were, forgot tons of stuff, then messed up the checks - twice. The food wasn't outstanding, but it was good. Plus, they get extra points for bringing gratis goodies to the table while we waited on our meals - like some sort of ginger-spice bread with pumpkin butter, cottage cheese and cole slaw. Odd combination? Completely - but still tasty and appreciated.
This is a tough one for me to rate, but I don't think I can be too generous without coming off like some paid food writers who questionably never seem to have a bad meal anywhere.

3 out of 5 sporks!

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