Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Table Scraps: 7/6/10

During the run of I AM LOVE at The Neon Movies, you can use a Neon ticket stub to score 15% off your meal at Coco's Bistro. In turn, you can also use your Coco's receipt for a BOGO ticket of that showing on the same day, should you opt for dinner before the movie.

Blind Bob's is now serving brunch on the weekends, as is Dublin Pub.

The hopefully no longer cursed location that was once Frisch's Big Boy, then Uno's Bar & grill on SR 48/Far Hills in Centerville has once again re-opened as Archer's Tavern. I'm assuming it will be American fare food, like burgers, sandwiches and salads. No website yet, just a Facebook page. Ma and Pa FvF live right down the road, so maybe I'll enlist them to check it out for me.

After finally getting my hands on a Mo's Bacon Bar, compliments of my friend Tim from YouIndie for my birthday, I wondered how upset Mr. FvF would be if I called off our wedding in order to pledge my love to this candy bar.

I am not effing around, you guys. Man B Que is next weekend, July 17, and we're expecting some serious eats. If you want to be part of this carnivorous extravaganza, any and all are welcome, so get at me.


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