Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Birthday Eats: Pa FvF's Wonder Salsa

In another episode of things I'm totally spoiled on, here's a photo of Pa FvF's amazing salsa.

I never eat salsa from a jar. I'll cook with it, but I'll be damned if I'll dip a chip into that hot mess of stewed tomatoes and onions and pretend it tastes good. I detest store-bought salsa (which was the only salsa I'd ever known, besides the pureed stuff they use in restaurants, which I also don't care for) so much that I was hesitant to even try it the first time he made it.

Every summer he makes it in big batches, and every summer it is coveted like your neighbor's wife. Why only in the summer? Because he buys all the vegetables fresh from local farmer's markets and grills them. Basically, my dad is better than your dad. Deal with it.


skillz said...

I call bullshit. MY DAD totally owns.

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