Thursday, April 7, 2016

Misadventures in Employment - A Love Story

I'll try to make this simple, eaters - I've missed you, and I plan on coming back full-force, like a boss. In October I left my career of 10 years and made a field change - got licensed and took an offer from a new employer. Terrible idea, terrible company. It was suggested I tender my resignation without a working notice - which I happily obliged, though I had no real plan. My only plan was to not be miserable anymore. Luckily, a friend's business kept me in work for a couple of months over the holidays (nothing like losing your job 10 days before Christmas, huh?) - then I landed what appears to be my dream job, short of getting paid to eat. 

The short: this gig is less stressful, normal hours and I'm on the road all over Ohio, getting to try new foods almost every day. Just my week in Westlake at their HQ is enough to produce at least five blog entries, and another 10-20 since between Columbus & Cincinnati areas. Hell, there are still places in Dayton I haven't tried. I'm looking forward to sharing with all of you again, and I hope my absence hasn't lost me too many eaters. And with that...


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