Sunday, November 15, 2015

It's back! NOM, NOM, NOMINATE!!

I almost forgot to post this! There is still plenty of time to enter your besties, family, loved ones, caregivers, etc. Specifically, one more week because I'm late to the party.* Not only does this contest have a great title - it's sweet, sincere and relevant to the Thanksgiving season that will be upon us before we know it. If you're living right, you've probably had a good handful of moments in your life that someone did something so nice for you that it floored you. Or maybe there's someone in your life everyday that's so supportive of you that they just deserve a special treat for putting up with what a giant pain in the ass you can be sometimes. I mean, hypothetically.

Well, here's your chance. No catch, no purchase required. All you have to do is think of someone who is awesome and deserves a free pumpkin pie, and (nom, nom) nominate them on Frisch's Facebook page. 

*Real Talk: I had a chance to give a pumpkin pie away to one of my great readers, but a total career change and studying for a licensing exam thwarted that good and proper (missed the posting deadline). So, hopefully you're nice enough that someone will have nominated you for a pie. Also, sorry for dropping the ball here, Pamela! 


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