Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I NOMinate you!

As I mentioned last week, Frisch's Big Boy has a clever promo going where you can nominate deserving folks to receive one of their award-winning pumpkin pies for free. When you're a really-big-deal internet personality like me, the brass at Frisch's give you one guaranteed nomination*. In other words - play your cards right and I'll make sure that you, dear eater, get that free pie.
I know some of you are thinking, "How do I win, Vizz?!" and the rest of you are wondering, "We're playing cards?"

I hate coming up with legitimate contests, so here's how you enter:
Tell me why you deserve a pumpkin pie in the comments section (here, not FB) before midnight on Sunday October 19, and I will choose a winner at random based on email addresses linked in the comment. Each email address only gets one entry, unless you up your chances by liking FvF on Facebook. If that seems unfair because you already like FvF on Facebook, send a friend to like our Facebook page and I'll enter the sender's name/email (again) along with the new fan. And while you're on Facebook, why not give Frisch's a like, too?

*They also give you a free pie and $25 gift card to help promote other aforementioned free pies. 


Just Slay said...

I would like to win a pumpkin pie because 1. Pie, 2. Pumpkin, 3. It's portable and I like a dessert that knows its place.

Just Slay said...

Pie, win, me, please! Because it's pie season.

Chris said...

I deserve to win because I am following the rules of the contest! c.frank@gmail.com

porkchopity said...

Pie me, MF!

Unknown said...

Jeff would enjoy a pie he didn't have to bake... I should win this pie for Jeff.

Vizz said...

Just Slay wins!! Look out for an email from vizz@foodvsface.com

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