Sunday, October 14, 2012

GoodGreens Bars: What's so good about them?

When the company emailed me and wanted me to try and blog about their bars, at first I was all, "Yeah, they're gluten-free!"  Then I saw "vegan & raw," and have to be honest that I was a bit put off.  But, I'm an equal opportunity eater, so I'd give'em a whirl.  They arrived at just the right time, too.   After a little surprise appendectomy a few weeks ago, I found myself housebound with lunch and dinner prospects, but nothing for breakfast.  I figured if I tried a different flavor GoodGreens bar every day of my confinement, my research would be thorough and complete.  Mr. FvF shared the duplicate flavors, and we gave the coconut ones to my dad because ewwwww.

I've always enjoyed eating fruits and veggies in their original state, so I never enjoyed or understood products aimed at cramming as much of your daily intake into a juice, bar, sauce, etc.  GoodGreens claims to get 100% of your daily fruit and veg in these little bars, no bigger than your average protein bar.  If my husband was still sure that he didn't like any vegetables besides potatoes and corn (I know a lot of you have an eater like that in your house), these would be ideal.  We both enjoyed the same half of the flavors - Chocolate Mint (tastes a lot like Thin Mints), Chocolate Peanut Butter and Chocolate Raspberry.  The Mixed Berry bars lacked the faux-chocolate coating that I thought helped balance out the slight grittiness of the texture.  I'm not necessarily saying gritty like it's a bad thing, but they have a similar mouthfeel and aftertaste as a lot of protein bars.  Mr. FvF and I actually enjoy protein bars and don't mind that taste, but Pa FvF did not care for them at all.  So, don't get carried away thinking this will solve your picky eater problem.    All things considered, I'll buy these with my own American dollars if I see them in the store.  Right now, you can buy them by the box at the GoodGreens website - or if you're on the OSU campus, you can find them just about anywhere.


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