Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Anthony Bourdain Live in Dayton!

Say it ain't so!  Or if you're Mr. FvF, it's not so - just move along. Nothing to see here.

But yes, really!  Bourdain is bringing his one-man Guts & Glory show to The Schuster Center on November 18, 2012.  Attendees will get to spend the evening soaking up the culinary rabble-rouser's stories about his work and travels, including an open Q&A with the audience.

Tickets go on sale Saturday, August 11, 8‐11 a.m. at the Ticket Center Stage Box Office and 10 a.m. online at http://www.ticketcenterstage.com.    Tickets will be available for purchase by phone on Monday, August 13 at 10 a.m. at (937) 228‐3630 or toll‐free at (888) 228‐3630.
I'm really only telling you that last part out of obligation, because who orders tickets on the telephone?  You're probably the same people who have to listen for the "If you're using a rotary phone, please hold for an operator" instructions.  You phone orderers probably have no way of reading this, but in case someone is dictating it to you, the internet is great. Just never Google image search stuff like medical conditions or Street Fighter characters without safe search.

You could wait until Saturday to buy tickets, like a chump.  But you know what? I like the cut of your jib, so you can just go to this presale link and use the password DAYTON to buy tickets right fucking now.

For more information, visit www.AnthonyBourdainonTour.com


Unknown said...

BTW, Vizz, thanks for the tip on tickets. Picked mine up last week. Can't wait!

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