Sunday, June 17, 2012

Breakfast at Tank's

 Tank's is one of my very favorite Dayton haunts.  Always my first pick for burger joints, and someplace I always insist on taking folks new to or visiting the Gem City.  A permanent spot in my top ten.  In my twenties, I even chose a rental house based in its close proximity to Tank's.  However, they've been serving breakfast for a couple of years - even started serving it during all hours - and I had yet to try it.  I kept hearing everyone rave about it, but it was simply off our breakfast radar for one reason or another.  The morning of Memorial day, when most everyone we knew was hungover, we were up bright and early...and hungry.  Golden Nugget and Christopher's were both closed.  We started to head for last resorts like Starlite or Hasty Tasty, then put'er in reverse and headed down Wayne Avenue. 

Mr. FvF ordered gravy & biscuits with a side of bacon, and I opted for a girly-sized omlette (filled with onions, tomatoes, bacon, sausage and cheddar cheese) along with one slab of french toast.  when we got our food, I was sure the waitress had misunderstood and given my the $10 omlette.  Nope, this was the "girly" omlette.  Since this took up the whole damn plate, I can only assume Tank's had to invest in some special new plates to serve the Tank-sized omlettes on.  

Here's my whine:  I HATE it when restaurants do not specify that they use red onions instead of white or yellow.  The cook up and taste completely different, and some people don't care for them.  So, now I'm stuck with a dish chock full of sauteed red onions. Same thing happened a few weeks ago when I ordered an omlette at The Brunch Club.  I realize not everyone is going to reprint their menus, but I'm pretty sure Tank's could afford to, and could stand to replace their half-sheet paper menus once in a while.  Even other than the red onions, I wasn't impressed with much besides the size of my omlette.  Then I realized that all the fuss I had heard from friends had been about the quantity of the breakfast here, not the quality.  

That said, the French toast and bacon were excellent, and the gravy had a really unique sweetness, that I can only attribute to beer or white wine being used in it.  I'm learning the hard way that no one makes an omlette like Golden Nugget.  Sorry, Tank's - you'll always be my #1 for burgers, but breakfast belongs to the Donkey.  

3 out of 5 sporks!

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