Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ramsi's Cafe on the World - Louisville, KY

Forever ago, Mr. FvF and I were in Louisville for Derby City Con.  To be diplomatic, let's just say comic conventions aren't really my thing.  Good people watching and all, but not exactly boner magic for me.  So, I always try to find something to do or a buddy that lives nearby when we're in another city and he's hawking his wares.  My old friend Dan had lived in L-ville for a while, so I had him come pick me up and cart me around to all of the record stores and cool shops on Bardstown.  After we'd done our fair share of window shopping, he suggested we lunch at Ramsi's Cafe on the World.  Having lost the list I made of places we should eat in Louisville, I was still pretty sure this was on there.

I was glad Dan was driving and is highly skilled at parallel parking, because the parking sitch alone would have cause me to shy away from this place.  But, we got a close spot, walked in and were seated right away.  The restaurant was crowded and bustling, but not in an uncomfortable way.  We ordered drinks and Samosas (Indian dumplings with tamarind sauce, super tasty) while we perused the huuuuuge menu.
Since all sandwiches are made on locally-made gluten-free bread, that's the section of the men that my eyes honed in on.  It's not just anywhere that ol' angry guts can order a sandwich.  I was totally prepared to order the Isabelle Panini, which is basically a Cuban, until our server informed me it was served with SWEET pickles.  The hell?  Cuban sammiches should only have dill pickles.  Never relish, and never sweet.  Ew.
So, I opted for my back-up choice, the Panini Caprese.

The sandwich was very good, but I got this overwhelming feeling that I should have made a different choice.  It was just a bit too sweet for my taste and didn't really satisfy my savory hankering.  The potatoes were decent, but needed a fancy dipping sauce in my opinion. They were well-cooked, but the any effort at seasoning had pretty much been phoned in.  My buddy ordered the Southwestern Caesar and was very happy with his choice - but he had a leg up, as a resident.  You may balk at the ballpark of $10 per sandwich and side, but the portions are massive. MY Caprese was about the size of a personal pizza, and just as filling.  I tried taking the remains back to Mr. FvF at the con, but the goat cheese hadn't kept well on the hot ride to the convention center.

I wish I'd had room for dessert, since that part of the menu is just as diverse and worldly as the rest.  I dont want to hold it against Ramsi's too much that I didn't like my sandwich, because I feel like my choice was a bit too vanilla.  I probably would have been wowed if I ordered something more adventurous.

Service was good, the place was quite clean and the prices were commensurate with what you're getting.  I'll give them a solid 3.5 out of 5 sporks and be sure to give them another try when we go back  for DCC next year.

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dissolvedintosomething said...

I've only ever been to Ramsi's once. We went for brunch and it was flippin' amazing!! And strangely enough, it was a brunch buffet. Now normally I think anything with "buffet" in the title means bad news, but it was fantastic! I would highly highly highly recommend going for brunch the next time you go. It's fresh, well-stocked, and has great variety.

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